Montera 2.0 Flex Archery Damper bow

Manufacturer: Flex Archery

Condition: New

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Montera 2.0 Flex archery is a shock absorber for recurve bows, classic that positions on the inside of branch for decreased vibrations. Used in hunting, 3D.

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Montera 2.0 Flex Archery:

Brand new for 2015, our universal active shock absorber is improved in materials and design.
Montera 2.0 is made with space-age material, soft and dense, weighed with a ball of ss to increase the shock-absorbing effect.
Weight 6 grams / 92 grains.
Self-adhesive for easy installation.
Where to install? We suggest in the back of the limbs where the members solidify.
Delivered in pairs in a clamshell package.

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