4" Natural Parabolic Feather OZARK FEATHERS View larger

4" Natural Parabolic Feather OZARK FEATHERS

Manufacturer: OZARK FEATHERS

Condition: New


Natural feather 4 "Parabolic OZARK FEATHERS, turkey feather for traditional arrows or carbon or aluminum tube (shaft).Used by archers in progress 3D, natural, hunting, instinctive archery.Many colors are available.look at accessories like the double sided or glue.

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  • Precision cut, natural feather vanes for fast and forgiving arrow flight.
  • Parabolic shape.
  • Suitable for use on all shaft materials.
  • Popular size normally used for larger diameter shafts.
  • Right wing selected for clockwise arrow rotation.
  • Pack of 100 or box of 1000.
  • Range of attractive colors available.

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