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Lot of 12 primary feathers barred with wild turkey all natural


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Feathers wild turkey primary barred entirely natural. Wild turkey feathers of approximately 9-10 "are stronger and more water resistant than farmed turkey feathers. They are untreated, which means they retain their natural oils. archers who practice medieval archery, hunting, instinctive, 3D, billeboode, leisure.

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Full Length all-natural barred wild turkey feathers. Wild turkey feathers are sturdier and more water resistant than feathers from farm-raised turkeys. They are untreated, meaning they retain their natural oils.

We offer Left wing and Right wing natural turkey feathers in primary flight and secondary flight feathers. Primary are the most prized as they are the strongest and longer feathers. Primary are found at the end of a turkey's wing and number in only a few feathers per wing. Secondary flight feathers are just inside from the primary feathers and are shorter, but still usable feathers for fletching arrows. They are in greater amount per each wing so they are normally not as expensive as primary feathers.

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