Notch Internal Signature Nock Bohning

Manufacturer: Bohning Archery

Condition: New


Notch Signature Nock Bohning, Diameter 0.246 ", 5/16, carbon tube or aluminum with bushing, compatible with Easton, Win & Win, Beman, Bearpaw, Carbon Express, Gold Tip.

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• Internal notch with wide groove.
• Alignment and indexing system.
• Outer diameter 0.245 inches (6.2 mm) - Carbon stick of standard size.
• Weight: 12.7 grains.

Compatible with tubes Easton Gamegetter, XX78 Super Slam, XX75 Camo Hunter, Beman ICS, Easton Power Flight, Carbon Express: Piledriver, Mayhem, Maxima, Maxima Red, Heritage, Gold Tip Traditional, Gold Tip Ted Nugent, Byron Freguson Heavy Hunter , Easton Bowfire, Win & Win: IronWood, Comet, Hellcat, HellFire.

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