Notch Arrow LaunchPad 0.244 CARBON EXPRESS

Manufacturer: Carbon Express

Condition: New

Availability: Warning: Last items in stock!

Notch CARBON EXPRESS LaunchPad for 0.244 diameter tube such as Predator 2 arrows, Heritage, ThunderStorm, durability, robust to replace, repair your carbon tubes. Sold in sets of 12 notches.

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Aligned. Precise. Accurate.

Top shooters know that nocks are an important component of consistent, accurate arrow flight. This insight led Carbon Express® engineers to develop the patent-pending LAUNCHPAD™ precision nock. The LAUNCHPAD™ features:

  • Precise contact points for controlled arrow release.
  • Concentric design to center the nock in the arrow shaft for more consistent performance.
  • Aligned nock barrel for true arrow flight.

The NEW LAUNCHPAD™ Nock delivers precision engineering and perfect balance that ensures superior accuracy for truest flights.

Strength and Durability – All Carbon Express® nocks are made of polycarbonate for strength and durability.

ModelQtyWeightArrow SizeProduct
5026312 pack9.9250, 350Maxima® RED™
5026312 pack9.9250, 350, 450Maxima Hunter®
5026312 pack9.9150, 250, 350Maxima Blue Streak®
5026312 pack9.9150, 250, 350Maxima Blue Streak® Select
5026312 pack9.9250, 350Mayhem® Hunter
5026312 pack9.9150, 250Mayhem® Hot Pursuit™
5026312 pack9.9250, 350Mayhem®
5026312 pack9.9250, 350, 450PileDriver® Hunter
5026312 pack9.9250, 350Mach 5
5026312 pack9.9250, 350The Crush
5026312 pack9.9250, 350Mutiny®
5026312 pack9.94560, 6075Predator II
5026312 pack9.9150, 250, 350Heritage™
5026312 pack9.9250, 350Maxima Hunter® Matthews® Edition
5026312 pack9.9250, 350Mutiny® Slasher
5026312 pack9.9150, 250, 350Maxima Blue Streak® Select - Target
5026312 pack9.9250, 350Maxima® RED™ Mathews Edition

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