Point Blunt Small Game Head 125 grs G5 Outdoors


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The Blunt S.G.H (Small Game Head) G5 Outdoors is a hunting tip or blade for small game. Stainless steel, resistant, designed to bounce off the ground, of 100gr or 125gr, sold by 3. Used in recurve bow or traditional Longbow bow and that the Oneida bow or compound.

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The S.G.H. (Small Game Head) G5 Outdoors is specially designed for small animals. Its unique nose and blade design offers a "shock and tear" action that stops small game in its tracks. The blunt tip provides "shock" and the curved blades provide the "tearing" action that also prevents the boom from digging under the ground. Perfect for hunting small game species with any type of bow at any speed.

• 100% resistant to steel

• 100% stainless steel

• 1 "Cutting diameter

• Designed for Blunt Trama.

• Designed to bounce off the ground

• 100% Spin Tested

• Available in 100gr / 125gr.

• 3 tips per pack.

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