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Pointe Middle Ages Medieval Traditional TopHat

Manufacturer: TopHAT Archery

Condition: New


Pointe TopHat Medieval Archery for shooting traditional archery arrow or reconstitution of the Middle Ages to the medieval animation.

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TopHat®Medieval Point:

The TopHat®Medieval Point is a recreation of the medieval bodkin point. The bodkin point was through the longer and sharper shape designed to break through hauberks (chain armour).

Material: Burnished - Steel (Blue - Steel):
The bluing treatment is the inexpensive/most affordable method to optimize the corrosion-resistance. With a chemical process the steel becomes a protecting layer that decreases the corrosion. The black surface is an effect of the chemical process.

Available in:
5/16 - 85gn; 5/16 - 100gn; 5/16 - 125gn; 11/32 - 125gn; 11/32 - 145gn

TopHat®Medieval Point Technology:

The TopHat®Medieval Point is extremely sturdy and through its shape and its weight the TopHat®Medieval Point absorbs a lot of energy. Experiments with shootings on hard items show a very high stability of the wooden shaft.

Partially it is popular to forge the round cone of the arrow point to a more flat version after the purchase. It brings the shape even closer to the original version of the Bodkin arrow point.

Installation: The arrow point has to be twisted on the blunt shaft. Through the tread in the inside of the arrow point shaft and head are strongly anchored and a self-initiated loosening is not possible.

Centring: Though its conical area in the inner front of the head, it centres perfectly. This leads to a unique true-running accuracy. The flight-characteristics and the pinpoint accuracy are improved.

Easy pulling: The head diameter is broader than the wooden shaft. This feature causes the effect of an expansion at the point of entry. This makes the pulling noticeable easier.

For the installation we recommend the TopHat®AssamblyTool*, the TopHat®ThreadCutter* and the TopHat®Grip*

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