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brass bullet tip Bu MS TopHat Archery

Manufacturer: TopHAT Archery

Condition: New


Bullet Point Brass TopHat Archery arched shape screw for your traditional wooden arrows e, 5/16 or 11/32 from 70 to 125 grains.

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TopHat® BU MS

The form "Bullet":
This classic form is preferably used for target shooting. Thanks to its rounded shape this tip facilitates the removal of the arrow and avoids significant damage to the target.

Material: Brass:
Brass is the most versatile material used for spikes. If the percution is very strong the tip will deform and not break. The brass tip is also much appreciated thanks to its golden color.


"TopHat® Classic" advanced technology:
The classic tip of TopHat® is a symbol of tip innovation in the wooden arrow category.
For the first time there is a tip that is usable without being nailed or trimmed.

Centering: Thanks to the conical shape of the tip, the arrow will be centered during its flight, which improves the accuracy of the shot.

Easier removal: The size of the tip is aglow relative to the arrow to obtain a larger hole in the target which facilitates the removal.

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