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The wooden arrow Hemlock Fir in diameter 5/16 <11/32> 5/16 is barrel-shaped, more precise, a more resistant wood. They are spiner, weigh and cut to your length for quality arrows. Ideal for traditional hunting arrows, 3D, instinctive, medieval.

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Hemlock-Fir Shape of Barrel:

  • Diameter: 5/16 <11/32> 5/16
  • Spiner according to your choice
  • Weigh according to your barrel weight
  • Quality barrel Hand-made.

The wood species Hemlock Fir comes from North America and is a cross between the West American hemlock fir and the five "real" fir species: Californian spruce, giant fir, silver fir, purple fir and white fir.
This very robust wood with its exceptionally beautiful grain is one of the most beautiful, elegant and versatile softwoods. And certainly not for nothing one of the most popular woods in North America.

Because of its characteristics, it is also very suitable as arrow shaft material:
- insensitive to moisture
- very fine-grained grain
- the straight course of the grain
- low in resin
- light and
- still very stable.

Each shaft is unique
Since wood is a natural product, each shaft is unique. Apart from the standard turned diameter, the shafts differ in their appearance and characteristics.
The grain or appearance (annual rings, flames) is various for each shaft. Also, the spin value is always individual and cannot be determined exactly, therefore the shafts are only sorted into categories with a spin width of 5 lbs. In order to have as even shafts as possible, all shafts are handspined, checked for cracks, reflex tested and aligned.

Premium quality
Premium quality wood shafts have special characteristics that influence their stability, durabilit

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