Recurve bow hunting IMPALA 64" TOUCHWOOD


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The recurve bow hunting IMPALA 64" Touchwood its particularity is its great length rather rare in the recurve monoblocs, flexible bow, ideal for the archers with big extensions.Suitable for hunting archery, 3D, instinctive shooting, leisure.

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The recurve bow hunting IMPALA 64" Touchwood:

The special feature of the Touchwood Impala is its long length (64 "), which is rather rare in monoblock recurve, especially in this price range, so it is an obvious choice for archers with real big extensions (30" and more in tradi) or archers looking for a big bow and heavy enough for flexibility, tolerance and stability. Handle type revolver butt, ensuring a better wrist position and good stability.
Delivered bow equipped with its dacron rope.


- Direction: HR or LH

- Bow size: 64 "

- Weight: 30 lb to 60 lb (5 lb increase)

- Band Height: 8.25 "

- Riser size: n / a

- Wood handle: maple

- Wooden branches: maple with black fiberglass.

- Rope: FastFlight

- Tablet and plate rest incl.

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