List of products by brand Buck-Trail Archery Tradition

Buck Trail is one of our traditional minded brands that offers you a selection of premium styled bows and accessories. All these traditional bows are made by the Korean bow manufacterer Win & Win. Globally known by their superior quality and precision, Archersgear found the ideal partner to fit their bow needs.

The Cougar and Leopard are 62" take down hunting bows made from the best walnut, sapele and maple woods. Both are carrying the same 19" riser and maple core limbs. The Leopard is finished with clear Gordon fiber and the Couger with black fiber glass.

On the one-piece hunting bows we have a 60" classic and forgiving shape. Again we have different choices for one bow. The Antelope and Bighorn are using the same wood and fiberglass specifications as the Cougar and the Leopard and we have added the Caribou. The Caribou features Bamboo core limbs.

To complete our step-in traditional bow-line we have added three 68" longbows. The chosen woods in our longbows are: Red oak, cherry and maple. All carry same characteristics as our one piece hunting bows.

The bows from Buck Trail Elite are a selection of mid-range traditional bows handcrafted by the best European bowyers. Each bow is made with precision and with the best raw materials. The selected woods are one of the best for building these traditional bows. Risers made from Zebrano, Ovangol, Jotoba and tapered bamboo limbs covered with Gordon fiberglass. These bows are a great step-up in your traditional archery career.

Today Buck Trail is a trusted brand that is also selling leather accessories for traditional archery.

BUCK TRAIL: manufactures accessories, hunting archery equipment, traditional, 3d, for your protection, to carry your bow, arrows.